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As mentioned before, the company that manufactures this product is called Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.0303, and it is a professional product of a company of the drug development and synthesis company called N.A.V.O.N. in China. Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.0303 is a medication used to treat a wide range of conditions and is able to reduce intraocular pressure with its use. This product contains an active ingredient on the same list as the prescription drug, but with the different formula. The specific composition of this medication (I am using Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.0303 as my drug for treatment of the treatment of glaucoma) is:
Sodium Hydroxide (OH) 4
Pyridine (P)
Methoxypropyl palmitate (MPP)
Potassium Hydroxide (OH) 6
The reason why the formula of this medication is of two kinds – sodium and potassium, is because it contains the chemical oxygenated in an oxygenation reaction, As is known by now, there was a great success in treating people with glaucoma after the prescription drugs were prescribed. However, a lot of things have changed the life of many patients with glaucoma. Due exact reason of the eye damage caused by excessive fluid accumulation can be guessed in an excellent study. A study conducted during 2009 by The Center for Neuroprotection and Eye Disorders at the University of Utah, found that treatment with medication with therapeutic effects had been shown to cause a decrease of glaucoma. It was reported that the decrease in intraocular pressure after two months treated with pharmaceutical solution of the topical version of careprost was about 40% according to it. In this exact study it was demonstrated from MRI that the brain area of the optic nerve is affected with the decrease in intraocular pressure induced by treatment of the prescription drug. This is also known as glaucoma treatment. These findings lead to use of prescription drug in some countries to treat various eye disorders, but also to improve patient’s vision which is beneficial to our eyes but not necessarily to anyone else, which, at the same time, could mean that the benefits have not been tested against the effects of the prescription medication. The fact that the prescription drug has an effect similar to careprost means that it is likely to induce an important improvement on eye diseases which are usually associated with eye damage.

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